We think outside the box,
but color within the lines 

Let’s work together on your next great product…

Technical Solutions has been developing amazing products since 1983. Our clients range from small startups to large Fortune 100 companies. 

We use lean management techniques to help startups go from ideas, to prototypes, to Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), and on to fully-manufactured products. We help large corporations adopt agile techniques to increase their innovation capabilities and decrease their product time-to-market. 

Innovative ideas help us think outside the box. Disciplined processes make sure we color within the lines.

Our Products

Robotic Angioplasty

We worked with Corindus to develop their CorPath Robotic Angioplasty medical device. CorPath provides physicians with precise control during the angioplasty procedure in an ergonomic control cockpit away from the radiation field. 


3D Printing

3D Systems‘ V-Flash Modeler delivers exceptional quality hard-plastic parts for enhanced design at an affordable price. It combines the versatility typically found in more expensive 3-D printers with the convenience of an easy-to-use desktop printer.

3D Systems

Neuropathy Screening

Prosenex’s Dynamic Neuroscreening Device (DND) provides simple and objective screening for peripheral neuropathy.


Packaging Equipment

The Instapak iMold system creates engineered, pre-molded Instapak foam cushions for immediate use or to be transferred into storage bins for batching applications. Sealed Air’s patented Foam Dispersion Technology guarantees cushion consistency and integrity by dispensing Instapak foam where it’s needed most while eliminating material waste.

Sealed Air Corporation

Business Card Scanners

We enjoyed a long relationship with CardScan, working with them to develop several of their marketed business card scanners.


Vein Ablation System

ClariVein is an alternative to Thermal Ablation for the treatment of venous reflex disease. The ClariVein device drives an infusion catheter that contains a rotating wire driven by a motor activated from a DC battery-powered handle. The system provides even, controlled irrigation of a treatment site for a physician-specified procedure with a physician-specified therapeutic fluid.


Liquid Chromatography

The Series 200 UV/Vis detector and Series 200 Micro Pump are major components of Perkin Elmer’s Series 200 High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) system. The Series 200 UV/Vis Detector offers the highest sensitivity and outstanding linearity performance, even at extremely high or low concentrations. The series 200 Micro Pump provides precision flow rate, accuracy, and retention time repeatability. It has precise high pressure gradient capabilities for microbore, narrowbore, LC/MS, and analytical applications.

Perkin Elmer

Golf Cart Tracking

Cart Watch is a state of the art electronic golf cart monitoring and control system that manages cart usage and helps decrease course maintenance costs. Digital signal processing (DSP) techniques are used in the communications module to decipher the digitally encoded system and warn the golfer (via an LCD display and buzzer) upon approaching restricted areas. Course Watch resides on a personal computer located in the course clubhouse running Microsoft Windows. When the cart's embedded database is uploaded to the Course Watch PC, course personnel are presented with graphical screens which may be analyzed to increase the course's speed of play or to penalize golfers for ignoring club rules.

Car Watch


Perkin Elmer’s DSC 8500 is a double-furnace DSC with a fast autosampler to provide fast and accurate calorimetry.

Perkin Elmer

Sample Preparation

Horizon Technology’s DryVap device provides an automated process for the drying, evaporation, and concentration of extracts.


Electronic Pipetting

Matrix Technologies' Programmable Electrapette Console pipettes fluids in fractions of a microliter increments by providing user-programmable control of motorized pumping "handles". An LCD screen displays menu selections and online help. Directory and file management is provided for user-defined pipetting programs.

Matrix Technologies

Sleep Apnea Device

HDM’s Z1 Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (“CPAP”) device is one of the smallest, lightest, and quietest CPAP sleep apnea devices on the market.  Please visit the link below to learn more:


Protein Analysis

Protein Forest’s dP Fractionator is a bench-top instrument used to enhance the sensitivity and performance of protein analysis techniques.

Protein Forest

Medical Training Device

We teamed with ARA’s Vertek division and Virtual Heroes division to develop a medical syringe training device.

ARA Vertek

Liquor Audit System

Intellipour Jr. electronic audit spouts are designed to replace ordinary free-pour spouts. There’s no need for bartenders to push buttons or use any special readers. All they have to do is pour drinks. The system is wireless and unobtrusive. Intellipour Jr. spouts are rugged, washable, and last about a year with normal use and there’s no need to change batteries.


Remote Key Device

Your phone is your key! Grant and revoke access to anyone, anytime, from anywhere without having to worry about cards, FOBs or PIN numbers – your phone does it all, even when networks are unavailable. VIZpin lets you provide convenient, secure access to anyone with a smartphone at the tap of a button.


Scripted Scent Player

Scentstories is P&G’s clever device that uses the sense of smell to tell a story just as a movie uses a plot. A CD-like disc with multiple scents sharing a common theme is played to create scent experiences such as a walk through the forest or a stroll down the shore.

Proctor & Gamble

Game Controller

Airpad is a revolutionary video game controller that allows players to control the action on the screen with a simple move of the hand.